Articles 80 and 81 of the 81/2008 Italian Legislative Decree confers to the employer (unless delegated to a Responsible Third Party) the responsibility of conducting maintenance to keep plants in efficient conditions, by performing due controls mandated by the law.

The Responsible Third Party discharges its duties performing accurate maintenance.

Sanviti offers scheduled maintenance services defined on the basis of results from diagnostics carried out by our own technicians. Scheduled maintenance includes a series of activities intended to keep high levels of equipment efficiency and reliability, by finding out faults that over time could generate greater defects, if left unattended, and cause deeper damages and disruption of the production process.

After having gained knowledge of the system, a maintenance program will be prepared, in compliance with legislation in effect, and according to the type of plant and the Customer’s needs.

The maintenance program includes:

  • Scheduled Ordinary Maintenance, such as preventive and prognostic maintenance performed on predefined time intervals
  • Extraordinary Maintenance, such as maintenance intended to resolve anomalies evidenced and/or reported

Following the work performed by our qualified technical staff, the Customer will be given a verification document, with the detailed particulars required by the legislation in effect.

The experience gained through the years allows us to offer maintenance services for electric systems, photovoltaic and air conditioning industrial and tertiary systems.