Drrill : school bell timer

Drrill is a simple, easy to use device to automatically handle the school bell.

Drrill is a device conceived to handle simply and automatically all the school bell activation times.

Drrill has a touch screen panel where the user can set, view and manage all the timings and days when the school bell should be ringing.

Drrill will ring the evacuation alarm through the bells and other possible devices.

Drrill can handle separately the bells ringing in different sectors.

Drrill offers various choices of ring tone lengths based on the events to be signalled.

Drrill does not require additional components of the existing electric panel and therefore it does not require a re-certification (Italian Ministerial Decree 37/2008)

Ordering Drrill is simple. Download the order form and choose between the two models available:

  • Drrill made in painted metal
  • Drrill made in stainless steel