Considering the immediate future, energy saving has become an extremely profitable business for those who have the foresight to implement it

Sanviti proposes efficient energy saving solutions to comply with the new legislative standards and to achieve financial benefits from the reduction of energy needs.
We started our researches on energy savings since 2005, ahead of the development of the alternative energy market.
Our approach:
  • Improve energy efficiency with activities which guarantee a real and proved financial return for the investment.
  • Offer to the Customer the ease of having a single point of reference for energy efficiency activities, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Develop in our staff an energy savings culture.

Our service

Our organization provides a complete service, from the planning stage to the completion of the work:
  • Through inspections carried out by our technicians we identify critical points and define the appropriate activities to be carried out.
  • Working with financial institutions, we obtain the funds needed.
  • As project manager, we plan and put in place all the energy savings procedures
  • We carry all the expenses for purchasing material and services necessary to perform the work.
  • We take on all the risks involved in energy efficiency operations.
  • We carry out installations preventive and corrective maintenance, ordinary and extra ordinary, to ensure operability and efficiency.
  • We monitor the results obtained and offer to our Customers energy consulting services in the years following the operations.